start potty training

All parents, at some point, need to tackle the question… how to start potty training.

Many parents, like me, don’t really think too hard about it before hand… they just take things as they come. That’s what I did with my first child, my daughter, and it didn’t really work out very well for either of us.

We had many months of accidents and multiple changes of clothes each day, it was pretty stressful for both of us. She finally got the hang of things and was eventually able to use the potty during the day, however she was still wearing diapers at night right up until just before she started school.

Things couldn’t have been more different with my second child. My son got the hang of using the potty the very first day we tried… no accidents at all. I could hardly believe it. And the most amazing thing was… at the end of that same week he told me he no longer wanted to wear a diaper at night either. He went to bed without a diaper, no accidents and that was it. He was completely diaper free and potty trained both night and day in less than a week!

Look at the infographic below for some interesting facts about potty training and the method that is saving many parents and their toddlers from a lot of unnecessary stress and accidents. Make sure you check out the video “1 Weird Trick That Will Get Your Child Out Of Diapers For Good” below where it says “Click Here For More”

How To Start Potty Training


Posted By Debbie


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